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     Sadly, horses in Romania are still considered simple tools, the cheapest one on the market because they do not ask anything and they do not say anything either when they are put to work until the very last day of their lives . Very often we see on the highways carriages loaded with tons of iron drawn by mares too thin or pregnant( many of them gave birth on the road) , with hooves infected , with dislocated legs or with newborn babies beside them attached to the carriage. Very hard to imagine, and even harder to digest causing a lot of grief to those who understand that animals also feel pain , misery, just like humans . It is because of all these horrors the Sky Foundation in partnership with the EL -SU Schweiz Foundation implemented the project of the mobile clinic , which began May 1, 2008 . Very unpopular at the beginning in the eyes of the owners or by local authorities, the mobile clinic has saved the lives of more than 2,000 horses after 5 years of activity , most of them with tiny chance of survival . Difficult to believe , yet true, many owners of affected horses , malnourished , abused, we were asking for money to let us care for their horses! In 2008 and 2009, tests of strength were a common at the animal market. Before being sold, the owner wanted to show the potential buyers that their horses are strong. They were attached to large piles of weight (walls of concrete ) exceeding tons and they were beaten to death to force them to carry the weight.


    Most of these horses can not be sold after these tests because it caused them to get in an near-dead condition.. After two years of hard work, these habits began to diminish and eventually disappeared completely. That alone is already a big step towards progress and civilization of these people so primitive and ignorant. Vera, beautiful large shelter resident is one of those examples of horses abused and exploited by their masters .Foundation recovered in 2008, when she was supposed to pull a wagon filled with 2 tons of iron on a highway.


    Very thin, malnourished thirsty and ill, she fell and with her a truck overturned, as though she hasn;t suffered enough. The only thing the owner thought was left to do, was to punish her for not being able to carry the load, and, finally, to feed her to his dogs while still alive...It was by chance that the mobile clinic was there at that very same time. Even half dead, Vera costed 100 euros because „justice” was on the side of the owner, of course and we were only able to buy her, not treat her, let alone confiscate her. Through the mobile clinic’s activity, the fate of horses in Iasi got better and to think that they used to sleep under the open sky, with no caretaking whatsover.

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    Py 2015-02-16
    Poor for her. sad

    Human or animal are just the same. We just have a different appearance but the same feeling. 

    Thanks for your foundation that has rescued her. GOD bless you. 

    Love you guys~~
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