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1.Make a donation

    The financial resources are the biggest problem for us and main reason we can’t help each animal in need. Each month Sky foundation needs aprox. 3 tons of food for the shelter and more than a ton for the animals that wait for the mobile clinic to come by. Beside this, there is also the food for nurselings, ill or old aged who need special food, for their condition. Only donations would enable us to buy sufficient food, to pay the bills for the medical interventions, electricity, vaccines, microchips and other Requirements which are necessary for the wellbeing of the shelter’s residents (straws, wood, construction materials to repair the damages caused by bad weather or the animals).

Sky Foundation
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2.By adopting an animal

     Adopting a pet is a serious and thoughtful act, it is a new life you offer an animal that has already suffered a lot and who needs so little to be happy. It is a great responsibility that involves duties and constraints that must be well thought out. Adapting to it’s new life can be difficult and may take some time. If behavioral problems arise, do not hesitate to contact the Foundation to find the suitable solution.

3.Become a sponsor/ godparent

     Become a sponsor and support a dog, a cat, a horse or a donkey with a minimum of 15-20 euros per month. In case your protected finds a new home before the end of your sponsorship, we will transfer your amount to another animal in need.

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