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     Sky Foundation was established in Iasi - Romania to rescue stress and promote respect for animal life. Sky Foundation receives no government support , which makes it even more difficult task in a country where animal rights represent the last concern of the authorities . It is not just that the authorities are insensitive to animal welfare , but also they have always been hostile to the activities of the Foundation and it's not once that it was punished instead of being supported . "A landlord has the right to do what he wants with his animal " is a phrase that became infamous was sent to us by a " responsible" for the welfare of animals Iasi . So it is not surprising that ordinary people without much education , take their animals for vulgar tools. During our 9 years of existence, it was a real struggle to find good stewards for the shelter because they did not understand why a dog should be fed and cared for when he is sick , why it should have a shelter against the rain, snow , cold. It was so strange things for them!



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